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Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

Wow thank you for the info . It helps A lot --Im doing A body off resto -at this
point im taking all off from top side . Do you know anything about the wire
harness ( in the past I have just got A 12 circuit wire kit from Speedway - it
worked well for my Bradly. Agin thank you very much.

Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

Also your rear body mounts are Type 3, the front disc brakes are from a Karmann Ghia, that rear swingaxle is the long axle version and the rear drum brakes are Type 3 VW, the drums unbolt from a hub and have wider shoes than a Beetle.
I used a Rebel harness in my GTC, it is not a bad job to do except there does not seem to be any schematics for the GTC or the GTI, I know they are similar to the earlier models but it is the steering column mounted switches that make things tricky as there is no schematic that I could find that was of any help. The GTE and GTS did not have the same column mounted switches. Take a look at my body off rebuild here it may help.

Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

Thank you Paul. This info helps a lot. I did look at your rebuild very nice

Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

has any one put A typ1 transaxle in their Puma -----it seems that the person that I got my Puma from change the trans with A typ 1 and the shifter rod is short by about 3"----any thoughts bought this------I think that the trans he put in looks like A 6volt one----What trans came in the car---any info would help--- Thank you all so much