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Re: Headroom

I did look at one I saw on the samba that was in Illinois, but I think I have found a roadster ragtop.
In my porsche 356 with the tip on it was hard to get in and out and very little headroom, I drove it without the top unless I ran into bad weather.
I am going to try to buy the convertible so I'll have no problems.
Thanks to all for the help.

Re: Headroom

I'm 6'2" and have a '77 with the factory sunroof. I installed PRP roadster seats, and have just a couple of inches above my head...No sliders, just bolted to the floor...

Re: Headroom

Hi Joel
I drive a 1984 GTI in British Columbia Canada.
I am interested to have more details on your seat choice and source.
My GTI has 3,000 km on it with original brown leather seats.
I am 70 6’1 220lbs and find entry a little tight but comfortable one in the seat and stretched out.