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Center console removal

Does anyone have any advice on how to remove the center console on a 1981 Gti? (I need to get to the shifter bushing as there is a ton of play in neutral) Also the cluster removal as currently my speedometer does not work.

Re: Center console removal

As to the center console, there are screws into the sides of the tunnel. I had to remove the seats and fold back the carpet (I was replacing it anyway). Also take out the ash tray and look in there. Replacing the bushing is going to be challenging as your car may, or may not have an access hole on the back side of the spare wire well. You may have to use a hole saw and drill one. There is also very little room between the chassis and the well to remove the two 10 mm hex nuts that hold the tunnel cover plate. the shift rod has to feed out into the wheel well to be able to put on the new bushing. Be careful of the connector between the transmission and the shift rod. Unlike a normal VW, it may be screwed on, and not just held to the rod with a square headed screw. Lots of labor to install a new less than $5.00 part, but necessary.
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