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Puma GTE 1600 from the Czech Republic

Hi to all. I am from the Czech Republic and a month ago I brought a Puma GTE 1600 car from Brazil to the Czech Republic. :-) Year of manufacture 1978. My car is the only one in the Czech Republic. And since this beautiful car is unknown here, I would like some advice from local experts. For a) is there a Puma Club in Europe? For b) do you have a contact for any e-shop that focuses on spare parts for Puma? :-) And one last question: does anyone have any instructions or schematics on how to disassemble the dashboard and dashboard with gauges? Thank you for the answers and greetings from the Czech Republic. Francis.

Re: Puma GTE 1600 from the Czech Republic

Hello Frantisek,

see on
there you can be helped.

Regards Juergen

Re: Puma GTE 1600 from the Czech Republic

Congrats on your purchase. There are various WhatsApp groups, one in English. Contact me if you want more info.