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Looking for a very early VW or DKW Puma

Anyone out there have a very early VW or DKW Puma for sale? Just curious to see what might be out there. I am looking for a very decent example of an early Puma. I also like very early VW kit cars? Anyone have anything? Let me know. Tim

Re: Looking for a very early VW or DKW Puma


We have never heard of a DKW Puma in the US. Very few were made in the '60's and we have seen just a few in car shows in Brazil. The earliest Puma we have come across in the US is a '74 in Arizona, but there may be others.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your search and keep those Pumas purring!

Alan d'Escragnolle

Re: Re: Looking for a very early VW or DKW Puma

Hey Alan,

What do you know about importing cars from Brazil? Anybody ever looked into it? I'd love to bring a GTB up here.


Re: Re: Re: Looking for a very early VW or DKW Puma


We do not know anyone who has imported a Puma. We believe it can be done. However, the cost would be high, particularly for a Puma GTB as they are fairly expensive in Brazil and with the US Dollar which has gone further south then Patagonia... we do not believe it is worthwhile. The bottom line is that the risk is great due to possible dificulties in meeting the DMV standards. The American market cars did meet the requirements or probably came in as classics with restrictions on use. Importing a Brazilian market car is another issue... We would not recommend as there are a few of them already in the US. Place want adds and you may be able to find them. Good luck.

Alan d'Escragnolle
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Looking for a very early VW or DKW Puma

The only problem would be on the Brazilian side. As long as the car is pre-1975, you can import and register it in California. It wouldn't make for a good business, especially with the current exchange rate. I wish I spoke Portugese, I'd have an easier time researching this. It would be worth it to me to bring one into the USA, I just wonder if there would be an obstacle getting the car OUT of Brazil.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Looking for a very early VW or DKW Puma

Hi Jesse,

I know that some SP-2 (a classic VW car only built in Brazil) units were exported to Europe. I just don't know what is necessary to do that.

The problem will be to find pre-75 GTB models (GTB production started in 74) in good condition and and for a reasonable price. Some 75-76 in very good condition were been offered in Brazil for U$ 16,000-17,000.

You can try to contact the following company (they use to send cars from US to Brazil and maybe they are able to help you):

4201 N Dixie Hwy
Oakland Park FL 33334
Ph (954) 568-6191 Fx (954) 568-6113