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Re: New Puma Owner!

Welcome! Did the car come from the Bay Area? There was one here for sale recently, it was green with some oddly painted engine parts. It looked like a promising car, though.

Re: New Puma Owner!

Thanks for the responses!!

Dave -- thanks for the endorsement on Purring Pumas -- I believe I will probably be spending similar amounts with them........the car is in really great shape, but I'm sure you know how the small stuff really adds up!

Jesse -- yes, the car did come from the Bay area -- Daly City to be exact. It's metallic green with what I thought was a metallic black or gunmetal roof and hood. I'm colorblind -- the missus kindly informed me that it is actually a dark navy blue!! Funny thing -- she's been pushing for a repaint already :-) Times like these remind me why I love her and married her!!

So far I've just driven it around the neighborhood. Just want to listen to the car and see how she handles. Very happy with the car and am looking forward to erasing what little wear and tear has happened to it during it's 30+ year lifetime. About the only thing that needs to be replaced that worries me a little bit is glass. The windshield, sunroof, and some of the side glass looks like it was cleaned with some sort of abrasive......just fine little scratches. I might see if the sides and sunroof will polish out, but the windshield has a little crater from rock damage. Hope glass isn't too expensive. And I am pretty sure I want the factory stuff if I can get my hands on it -- looks like it is tinted and I want the factory Puma stamped glass.

more later....

-jeff d