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Door panels for sale

I have a pair of brand new door panels that I bought from Puring Pumas last year. Anybody interested? $200

Re: Door panels for sale

Hi Jesse

What year and model? Are you in Canada or the US?

Re: Re: Door panels for sale

I'm in Alameda, California. I had an '81 GTI but the panels are good for any GTE, GTC or GTI. The doors are all the same.


Puma GTI/GTE/GTC Door Panel Set for sale

Okay, I took some pics of the door panel set I'm selling. I'm actually asking $380 for the whole set, I have my price wrong in the first posting.

All of these parts are brand new as I bought them from Purring Pumas. Every piece is is absolute perfect condition. Here is what I have:

- lower panel section
- upper metal sections
- squeegee retainer tracks
- rubbers squeegee strips
- arm rests

Still a great deal at $380. I'm in Califoria, and will ship internationally.

Re: Puma GTI/GTE/GTC Door Panel Set for sale

Sold to Me! Thanks Jessie.
Best regards,

Re: Re: Puma GTI/GTE/GTC Door Panel Set for sale

Yes, sold. Thanks Jim!