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Sound Insulation ??

My car is apart and I want to install some sound insulate. Has anyone done this and if so what did you use ? And how did it turn out?

Thank you


Re: Sound Insulation ??

Hi Jamie, I used Unimat sound mat. I lined inside the doors the rear panels under the side windows all the floors the rear bulk head and the roof. The car is a whole lot better then factory, not cheap but worth it.
Hope this helps.....
Regards Larry.....

Re: Re: Sound Insulation ??

Thanks Larry, What about Dynamat??

Re: Re: Re: Sound Insulation ??

Unimat is a sound mat used to control noise levels in screw machines, I am a tool maker by trade we use it in our production machines.
As for dynamat it appears to be the same and you can get in smaller sizes. Maybe a bit cheaper.
Regards Larry

Re: Re: Re: Re: Sound Insulation ??

Thanks Larry

Re: Sound Insulation ??

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