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need puma parts

hi all

just bougtt a puma 1981 gti

im looking to buy all rubbers and seals for all windows doors and hatches

also wondering if i can buy headlight clear covers with chrome rings

id also like to buy a front spoiler

id buy any gti parts i can find in canada



moncton nb

Re: need puma parts


Congratulations on your new Puma!

There are a lot of parts available for your GTI from Purring Pumas, Original seats will be almost impossible, but take heart, there are a lot of inexpensive seat options available, such as SCAT seats, Just remember that you want a seat with a thin bottom cushion. It's much easer to raise a seat than it is to lower one.

Purring Pumas has all of the rubber seals available, and Allen and Alfredo are great to work with.

As far as I know, there are no spoilers available for Pumas in the US. Original registrations for the cars are a bit iffy...the year is often the year the car is first registered. The GTI and GTC have a vestigial front air dam molded into the body, which would require a great deal of work to bolt up a larger air dam to. However, since the car is fiberglass, it is not that hard to modify permanently.

For the record, I extended the air dam on mine this summer with duct tape and plastic to play with, and did not notice much difference at 80 MPH. My car is a GTC, however, and not particularly clean aerodynamically. A GTI should be much better.

Do you know if your car has been lowered?

Another treasure trove of information is Brandon's, which may be the best website out there for photos, articles, and information on the Puma.

Good luck, and post some photos!

Dave Riedle

Re: Re: need puma parts

hi dave

hey thanks

ill post a few photos

the car needs a complete restoration

the car has not been lowerd and the engine has beed changed
(the serial number does not match)

car was originally red, im told .

my seats

need some carpets
i might have some made

rubber seals are all bad
and so are the metal frames (guides with felt inside ) for the roll down windows

other than that i love the car


Re: need puma parts

Hi Mike,

Congrats on your new purchase !!! One tip I can give is that if you do order parts from purring pumas, have them ship it by USPS not UPS as their duty/custom charges will make you puke fast enough. I have a 1981 GTC and I live in MTL, Quebec and trust me I've learnt the hard way.... Don't worry about dealing with purring pumas, they are true professionals and very nice guys too.... Come see us at, Brandons' website is very informative and well made (you owe me ten bucks

Hope I've helped, Roberto

Re: Re: need puma parts

OK that cash or check?!

Thanks again for promoting I am glad that there are lots of people using it and gathering the information they need.