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Re: Re: hey!

Thanks guys! i appreciate the help! i did have my dad gently compress and lift at the trunk as i fiddled with the cables, but to no avail. my engine tins are mint and i don't want to cut at anything if i can avoid it. i've tried to remove the taillight assembly on the drivers side but the screws seem to be captured. i do not know how hard they are to come by so i want to avoid breaking them until i know i can get another set if need going to try the passenger side today to see if it brings more luck. id like to avoid butchering the car if at all possible. from now on i think ill keep friends away from the car, because apparently i wasn't clear enough when saying "dont shut the decklid", oh well. thanks again, i really appreciate the help from people who know, because until now i've been a strictly gm/ford guy, and have little experience working on volkswagens, save for some work on a friend of mine's 88 scirocco.

Re: hey!

Hey, I had the same problem, like Brandon said cut a hole from the underside.
I made it a little less of a repair I drilled a 3/8" hoie in line with the release from the underside only to have a quart of water run in my face. I then used a 18" flat blade screwdriver to push the release open. I left the hole, now called a drain hole so when you wash your car any water will flow out to the ground.....
Give me a yell or a email, I will stop by with my car on the weekend..

Regards Larry

Re: hey!


I sent you some photos just a few minutes ago detailing the latch, spring, and location. This should help you quite a bit.

There are also some tricks included. Hope this helps!

Dave Riedle