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Rear Seats?

This may be a stupid question, but here goes: I am looking at a Puma that needs quite a bit of restoration. I'm thinking that I would like to have a small jump seat in the rear for occasional use by my 8-year-old. Is this possible?

Puma's are very unique and I'm getting excited about it...

Re: Rear Seats?


We are Purring Pumas, a San Diego, CA based supplier of Puma parts. We have an extensive inventory of new, Original (N.O.S.) and used Puma parts from Brazil. We understand you would like to install a jumpseat for a child on the rear section of the passenger compartment. While there may be enough room there for a small child, there is no factory seatbelt attachment in that area. Other safety considerations may came into play.

Alan d'Escragnolle
Purring Pumas

Re: Rear Seats?

I would strongly advise against this. The fiberglass in the floors of Pumas in the rear is fairly thin and not strong enough to attach a seat securely. Always consider the possiblity of a collision when modifying any car. I would not want to have my kid back there in the case of any unfortunate events. The Puma is a Two seater. Keep it that way.