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Happy Thanksgiving!

Maybe by next Thanksgiving my Puma will on the road. That would be something to be thankful for!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Jim,

Whatever you do, do not get discouraged, you will end up with a hell of a ride with a little blood,sweat and tears. Good luck and keep us informed on your progress.....

Take care, Roberto

Re: Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

The latest setback is that the header/muffler system from Purring Pumas does not fit. Appearently when welded not enough angle was put on the pipes as they left the head. This causes the header to hit the engine opening. Too much to trim. The exhaust pipe hits the body as well, but if the header from the head was welded properly, it would have plenty of clearance. I have ordered an early, nearly new Kadron header from someone on the Samba in hopes that it will be a better fit. The only other alternative is to take the header to a muffler shop and pay to have it re-welded. Sheeesh.
Best regards,

Re: Re: Re: Happy Thanksgiving!


I feel for you big guy. I live in fear of needing a new the point that I may have mine taken off in the spring so that I can draw a replacement one up so I can have one built.

I really like how neat the factory one on my GTC fits, and like a single outlet as well. I have looked at literally hundreds of systems through the years, and have never seen one like the Puma system.

It's just one of the little things when you own a limited run auto.

I have to develop a heat shield for mine to keep the paint on the body behind the license plate. Still, the car is really getting refined. No rattles to speak of.

If I could only finish my windows and door panels...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave Riedle

Re: Re: Re: Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you wrap the exhaust system? It will help heep the heat away from the paint. You may need it with the heat shield.
Best regards,