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caburator solex 40

i need someone to help me with the components of my two solex 40. my engine is an air cooled 1800cc and has a engle w 110 and 40 and 36 admission a exhaust valves, thank you for rour help

Re: caburator solex 40

Single throat, or dfual throat per side as used on a Porsche? What color are the plugs? How does it act when running?
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Re: Re: caburator solex 40

it is a one throat carburator. it is a solex /brosol type of carburator. it was originally used in a 4cc GM "opala" in the early 70s. But Puma decided to improve the carbration and made a kit with them. so there are 2 carbutators 40 mm soex/brosol and and two short admition with a 1800cc engine kit eith a 286o crane. It was so dificult to adapt that I decided to give up the idea of buying a pair of those. I bought a pair of 32/34 solex carburators...
hanks for your attention.