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Re: 1973 PUMA GTE 1600

Hello Gerard

To my knowledge windshields for Pumas were made by a company in Brazil and they were only made for Pumas. Many people have been looking for windshields from other vehicles that may fit, to my knowledge no one has found one. Purring Pumas may be able to find you a windshield but I hope you have lots of cash on hand. I have up 81 puma and I checked for a windshield through Purring Pumas and an original used windshield to fit my car was just over $600 plus $50.00 to crate it and then shipping. They also said they had one new remanufactured windshield and it was priced at around $1000 however it wasn't an original windshield it was a remanufactured one. This windshield did not have the puma face in the lower corner. The company remanufacturing these windshields is no longer doing so. This is making windshields very hard to find at any price. Good Luck

Re: Re: 1973 PUMA GTE 1600

Hie Jamie

Thanks a lot for your propmt answer
Less than 150 Puma GTE have been imported in Europe through a Swiss compmany
May be less than 30 are still alive
Do you know how much Puma have been imported in the States and how much still exist to day ?
In other hands do you have contacts with Brazilian owners ?
May be one of them has an idea ?

Have a good day