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Speaking of exhaust ?

Hi, speaking of exhaust, What systems will work on a 88 GTC ? Thanks...

Re: Speaking of exhaust ?

What motor?

Re: Speaking of exhaust ?

Not sure ? Last owner says 2270 cc. VW, but it's to small, probably a small 1835 or a 1600 with a big bore kit. Does that help ? Thanks Jim

Re: Speaking of exhaust ?

There is so little room under there, that about your only choice is to order an exhaust system from Purring Pumas. Mine fit very poorly, and if I had to do it over I would have taken the car, and the exhaust sytem to a local muffler shop where they they could fit it, and if necessary take it dow, and cut and weld it until it fit. Do you have any portion of the tailpipe/muffler section? Is it OK, or rusted? If the tail pipe is good, you can use a very early exhaust header (I can e-mail you pictures),and your old muffler. If everything is bad, the Purring Pumas is your only option (other than a custom bent system, Yikes!)
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