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Puma Convertible white FOR SALE in Southern California.


I am in Southern California, and I have a 1984 Convertible white Puma.
The engine has been replaced before I bought it in 2006; it currently has a VW 1500, 1965 running on 2 Solex carburetors with K&N filters.
I had plans to upgrade the engine to a 1.8L (or even a 2.0L). But because it runs great and fun, and I have no issues with it, I kept it.
The wheels are the original Puma ones (including the spare).

Body, convertible top, seats, carpets, all gauges work and are "original puma", etc... Everything is in great condition.

It has a new CD player with MP3.
I have replaced some small cosmetic components with original parts...door internal handle, hinges, etc..
I still have the original parts I replaced and a few other spare parts.

When I bought it, I drove it all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles... great trip! If it is summer, I would recommend a hat and sun-block !

I am just considering selling it because my son will soon go to college and he will need a car... he cannot drive stick "yet"! ;-)

Any way... if you want to see pictures of it, let me know and I can send you.

My asking price is pretty much what I have paid for it, plus some of the replaced parts.
Price US$ 7,400.00.

I loved this car...not very happy to see it go !