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Replacement Convertible top for GTC

Hi all, I have recently acquired a 1981 GTC and I am looking for a source of a replacement convertible top. If anyone knows of a current source please reply or if you have a N.O.S. top for sale please email me. Thanks Paul

Re: Replacement Convertible top for GTC

A couples years age I bought a top for my '82 GTC from Purring Pumas. It was the only one I could find and it wasn't a great fit. I just looked at their web site and the top is no longer listed. Maybe give them a call or email to see if they can help. Contact them at or

8047 Caminito Mallorca
La Jolla, CA 92037


Re: Replacement Convertible top for GTC

Purring Pumas told me they had a quality problem with the replacement tops and they no longer offer them. I will be getting it made locally at an auto upholstery shop.

Re: Replacement Convertible top for GTC

Here is another place (German) producing replacement Puma tops. I have no experience with them but it appears they offer either vinyl in four colors or cloth in many more. They price out both the top and installation (montage).

Re: Replacement Convertible top for GTC

Thank you for the information. I see they show the picture of a Puma GTS, the website does not offer a selection of years to choose from.

Does anyone know for certain if the fabric top that fits a GTS will fit a GTC and visa versa?

Re: Replacement Convertible top for GTC

I don't know, Paul, but I'm relatively confident they could respond to an English inquiry. If you call, I'd be interested in knowing the answer.