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Re: Firewall, GTE 1978

martin davies
Anyone know where to source a complete new trunk firewall for my 1978 GTE presently engine out for rebuild? Car is in England but will import from anywhere. Martin


Considering the firewall is completely flat, it would probably be best to simply make one from scratch. Finding and importing a stock firewall will not be any cheaper nor will it add any value to the car. Make a cardboard template and then transfer that to a form to make one. Simple, cheap and if you have any custom requirements you can incorporate them quickly.


Re: Firewall, GTE 1978

Thanks for the responses. The item seems to be a half inch thick laminate with the two outer layers some sort of filled mesh with polished aluminium facing and a sandwich material a type of 'rockwool' insulation matting. I really have no idea how to fabricate this; perhaps an aircooled Porsche has a similar item, certainly Puma was trying to mimic a quality item. Martin Davies

Re: Firewall, GTE 1978

My firewall, and others I have seen is only about 1/8 inch thick, just fiberglass only. Then the both sides have an "anti noise" insulation pad attached.
Your description sounds like some type of aerospace laminate. Is it possibly not original?