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1978 GTE license plate lights

I need two replacement license plate light units; bulbholder and lens. The lens has a VW/Audi part number 1059431211 900(?)25 CIBIE 2KJ. It's likely that these are standard parts from a 1970's vehicle; can anyone help me to identify? Alternatively what other light easily fits?

Re: 1978 GTE license plate lights

Most likely want part number VW 1059431211, Brazilian VW item. a quick search
found some here
Probably available other places, try searching without the "900" on the end of the part number.

You could use a surface mount LED, much brighter and no sealing issues trying to keep out the water.

Re: 1978 GTE license plate lights

Hi Paul, You previously helped me greatly with conversion of a part number Puma to VW; any ideas please on the master cylinder 1496110152? Thanks Martin