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Purring Pumas

For anyone who hasn't received the circular below, this should solve recent contact difficulties?! Martin.

Greetings Puma Enthusiast,

The time has come for me to step down as owner of Purring Pumas. As you may have noticed, my time and availability recently has become limited to help serve your Puma needs. My father, Alfredo d'Escragnolle will now be taking over the realms. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of you Puma enthusiasts and I wish you all the best.

And remember...Keep those Pumas Purring!

Best regards,

Alan d'Escragnolle

Here is the new contact information for my father, Alfredo as well:

Alfredo d'Escragnolle
Owner | Purring Pumas
8047 Caminito Mallorca
La Jolla, CA 92037

Re: Purring Pumas

I've sent emails and tried to call Purring Pumas per the recent notice but have not received any replies. Have you been able to reach them?

Re: Purring Pumas

Not yet, been away for Easter, but need to put together an order this week, will get back to you if I get a response. Cheers Martin

Re: Purring Pumas

Hi Vincent, I emailed Purring Pumas and got a reply from Alfredo by return, two days ago. I am now sending an order and will post further on its progress. Martin

Re: Purring Pumas

Thanks for the update Martin. Can you tell me what email address you're using for Purring Pumas?

Re: Purring Pumas

Re: Purring Pumas

Just got my price quotation back from Purring Pumas within 24 hours. Are you still having difficulties contacting? Martin

Re: Purring Pumas

No, I finally did get through to Alfredo via email. He's checking on my parts request now. Thanks for the follow-up.