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Re: Head lights and seats

I used seats from a Honda Civic in a Volksrod project. The headrests were removed from this car but could stay for a Puma. The seat track mounts were easy to modify to fit the flat floor and they were small enough to work nicely.

The seats I will use in my GTC came from a C series Mercedes.

Re: Head lights and seats

Thanks Paul I will check them out.


Re: Head lights and seats

Further seat info. The Mercedes seats are too wide in the shoulder area for the convertible top mechanism on a GTC. I have now swapped in some seats from a Mazda Miata, They fit well.

The original factory headlights are still installed on my 81 GTC however the shells are rotted and unusable. They are CIBIE "Super Bi-Iodo" headlights with the horse logo in the center of the lens, which according to the markings on the light were manufactured in Brazil