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Engine Swop?

Hello Everyone, I am 21 and have had my VW Puma GT2000 for 3 or 4 months now. The car is seriously lacking in power and speed. It currently has a OLd 2 litre kombi engine with a 4 speed manual gearbox. ANd i want to replace that with a nissan RB20DET,nissan SR20DET or a subaru EJ20. THe problem i have is that there is next to no information on my car on the net... Could anyone tell me what type of engine mounts my car has? IF those engines will fit into my engine bay ? What type of modifications i will have to do and etc...or what engines would be a good idea to go with ?

Re: Engine Swop?

Re: Engine Swop?

250 HP wouldn't be enough? Raby's Aircooled Technology can provide the parts to rebuild that tired motor into a lively one. In the end, a much less expensive option.
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Jim Schield
110 hp is plenty for me.

Re: Engine Swop?

Check out for ideas. There are other sites that have more info on the Subaru swap but if you just feel it is under powered it probably needs to be freshened up. For the price of converting something you can get a monster type 1 or turbo your type 4.