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Re: VIN Number

My 1981 GTC is registered in Ontario and the registration slip shows the VIN start as GTCBSP-------- followed by eight digits,
the car does not have a door plate, it has a plate in the left corner of the dash which can be viewed through the windshield,
this plate is epoxied to the dash and only shows SP--------, this may be a Canada thing, I think we had to have some mods done to the Canadian models to meet some standards.
it also has the data plate on the firewall under the hood which shows the chassis number the same as the dash plate.
the SP and the digits are also found on the chassis near the shifter coupling access panel.
I assume the B is to indicate Brazil, it may have been a Canadian thing to ad that, we need a certain number of digits for a registration.
I think that the SP is Sao Paulo

Re: VIN Number

Thanks Paul Yes you are correct the SP stands for Sao Paulo and it may also be right about the B for Brazil. I am thinking Canada needed three letters in a vin and so they stamp the B. If I remember the B looked like an after thought.I didn't think about the Canada cars having some differences but that could also be true.

Good Luck with your car Jamie