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A new book!

A new book has just been released which contains the first full year of the Charlie Chan DAILY comic strips by Alfred Andriola! For anyone who has taken a look at our collection of Charlie Chan SUNDAY adventures, this new hard cover collection, housed in a uniquely shaped format (11 3/4" x 4 1/2"), echoing the dimensions of the Chan dailies, is a very fun "must"!

Just released yesterday, "LOAC Essentials Volume 13: Charlie Chan, 1938" can be purchased at for $29.99 (cover price: $39.99). Below, following, is the description from Amazon:

A key early work from the creator of the long-running detective series Kerry Drake presented in a format that is as close as one can get to experiencing it as a daily comic.

As a famed hero of the mystery novels by Earl Derr Biggers, Inspector Charlie Chan reached even greater heights in a series of popular movies. As actor Sidney Toler was preparing to replace Warner Oland as the wily police detective in 1938, Alfred Andriola was tapped to create a newspaper strip version of the character. Andriola was secretary to Milton (Terry and the Pirates) Caniff and Chan would be his first cartooning effort, but with some friends in Caniff's orbit, Andriola succeeded in producing what The World Encyclopedia of Comics says is "among the best comic strips in the 'Caniff school.'"

The pride of the Honolulu Police Department uses his intellect more than his fists to solve cases of international intrigue, and the syndicate's initial promotion called Charlie Chan "A new mystery strip, totally devoid of guns and gangsters" to separate it from Dick Tracy and his many hard-boiled imitators. Not that the strip is devoid of action and romance--Chan's tall, handsome assistant, Kirk Barrow, shoulders those "difficult" burdens with aplomb. Featuring the first complete year of daily strips, from October 1938 to November 1939, this volume of LOAC Essentials offers readers exciting adventures, snappy dialogue, and arresting art, making it a fascinating complement to Caniff's own efforts on Terry and the Pirates during this period.

Re: A new book!

WoW! Yet another tribute to Detective Chan's reign in the halls of mystery! You can't keep a good man down...or a great detective! Thank you so much, Rush!

P.S. The cover drawing of Chan looks like a cross between Oland and Toler!

Re: A new book!

Hi, Lou!

The character whose features REALLY changed was Lee Chan. At first, Andriola made him look like Keye Luke, just as he had made Charlie Chan the image of Warner Oland. Of course, the original conceptions were probably completed, given the nature of newspaper comics, some time before Mr. Oland's untimely passing in early August of 1938, a little over two months before the newspaper strip appeared in print.

I suggest this new book to anyone who enjoys the Chan comics...or ANY comics! It is well done and beautifully produced.