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engine swap almost complete

Hey Brandon,

Just thought I'd say hi and say that I am almost done with the engine swap. It's been going slow due to a few hurdles, and a general lack of time. I had to buy a new oil cooler because the one you sold me with the motor was run over and crushed by my neighboor (my fault for having it laying in the driveway). I bought a smaller Setrab cooler from I mounted the remote oil filter right above the driver side rear axle. It's hanging from the underside of the body, it's easily accesible for filter changes and is right in line between the engine and the oil cooler. I'm using all new AN fittinga nd braided lines because some of the fittings were rather beat up and leaking.

Hopefully within the next couple weekends I'll have this thing on the road. The first stop I'm making id to my buddy's VW performance shop in Oakland here for an overall tuning of carbs and valves.

I can't wait to drive it with the 2054cc. It's going to be awesome!


Re: engine swap almost complete

Glad to hear things are moving along Jesse! I am sure you will be most pleased with a larger engine and the extra power that comes with it.

I actually need to order a few parts myself so that I can complete the air suspension on my car. Once that is done, then it is on to the transaxle. Anyone have a suggestion on who could build a transaxle that will hold at least 300 hp? I like the Mendeola but I don't think I want to drop the kind of $$ they want for one so I will have a type 1 built.


Re: Re: engine swap almost complete

I finally took the Puma out on the highway for a run. Wow, that motor makes some power, and i don't even have it dialed in yet! I have the carbs synced pretty well and have the fuel/air mixture close. What I'm really going to have to play with is timing. I have it set at 5 deg BTDC at idle (30 deg @ 3500 rpm), and it ran nice, but I'm going to add 2-3 deg advance and see how that works out. Then it's back to mixture adjustments again...The twin exhaust looks awesome too.