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Re: Figure it out RRI

DEK only invited her to make her a TARGET
He knew she was not welcome .
He knew GK could not stand her . Why do u think he left 435 ?

RRI got what she deserved and if she goes to the Memorial it will be much worse for her .


Re: Figure it out RRI

HAHA jokes on you guys. I guess it's time I come clean and admit it never happened. I put on the show because no one was paying any attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Re: Figure it out RRI

Why does the prior posting look and sound like gdb??? Still looking
for attention, I see. Negative Mel wannabe.

Re: Figure it out RRI

Sorry Horse Face U wrong ! Guess again .What U don't like the truth ?
Tell us how GK still liked you right before he died . Tell us how you
were HIS PAL when you called him a PEDOPHILE.

His Mother knew how he felt, leaving 435 after so many,many years .
You made a fool out of your self and your IT'S ALL ABOUT ME COMMENTS to her.
Just show up if you dare to his memorial you will be put in your place over and over again and then some.