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Re: Re: Our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing: "The Chinese Cat" (8PM, EDT)

Actually, we cover a wide range of topics that includes(but isn't limited to) the movie of the night.

That's why we encourage everybody to come on in regardless of whether you have that week's movie.

And don't forget that our Halloween party is coming up on October 30th when we'll be watching Wax Museum.

So plan on coming as your favorite Chan movie character!

Mrs. Lowell

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Replying to:

Sooo, What does everybody actual discuss in the chat room on Monday nights? The movie itself or about Charlie Chan in general or whatever? Just curious, Thanks, Tony

Re: Re: Our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing: "The Chinese Cat" (8PM, EDT)

Dear Tony,


Yes, you are correct on all counts! We watch the films together amd discuss what is happening on screen. We also speak on Charlie Chan in general, as well as other more general things that come up during our viewing of the movie. Please imagine a group of friends watching a picture together around a large bowl of popcorn with ample beverages in evidence. As would be expected, there is talk of what we are watching as well as other things that might be of interest or in good-natured fun!

Please consider this a humble invitation to join with us next week!

Rush Glick.