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Re: Grandparents

I am the only child of the late Rev. Julius Caesar Bragg, Jr. My mother, Ruth Ellis Bragg(83 years old), lives with me and my husband, Winston, at Gilbert,WV. My grandfather, (J.C.,Sr.) was Lincoln's brother, and he named one of his own sons, Abraham Lincoln. My dad was the last surviving member of that family of 10. My mom also has vivid memories and is very active. I earned my MA degree in counseling from Marshall University. I am 57 years old, and I work 6 days weekly with my vocation. My Mom loves to answer letters, and her address is Box 327, Gilbert, WV 25621.(My son carries the "Julius" name, as does my grandson.) We welcome family at our home.

Re: Re: Grandparents

email me if you like, would be good to hear from
you. I plan to attend the glenalum reunion. love
you, Ruth too