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Re: May Results

RnR Half

Cheryl Pace 1:49:44 PB

Re: May Results

Rock n Roll Half marathon

Mark Thomas 1;47. 30

Re: May Results

PBs for me and Rob Bruchez-Corbett in the r&r half!

Re: May Results

Jane Nicholson 4:31:31

Re: May Results

Rock and Roll Half
Liz (Elizabeth)Simpson 2hrs 11 seconds

Re: May Results

Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon

I finished with Oz and Claire at 5:20:02 :)

Well done everybody!

Re: May Results

RNR HAlf Marathon

Mel Holden
1hr 59mins

First half marathon run so am chuffed with that :-)

Re: May Results

Rock & Roll Half Marathon

Liz Lynan 1hr44.59

Re: May Results

Liverpool marathon

Richard Thorpe - 4.00.09 - first one so pb.

boo to those those 9 seconds

Re: May Results

27.5.14 - Hay'o'Trail 3.85 mile hill race

39. Susan Cain 32:40 (19 minutes to the top and 13 minutes to come down!)

81 runners.

Race nearly cancelled before we started because the farmer had not got the cows and calves out of the field but a marshal managed to keep them under control and luckily the bull was not interested in us. The sheep just carried on eating the grass.

Re: May Results

Bowden 5k. 29 May 2014

1st overall. Martin Swenson 16.19

John Kelly 21.19
Michelle Kelly 24.50. 1st Vet 55

Good night all round!

Re: May Results

Well done Martin on winning tonight's Bowden 5k excellent performance.

Re: May Results

31st May - Blackpool 10 miler

Mike Roxburgh 1:15:23 pb
Emma Kearney. 1:16:44 pb ( 3rd F35 - 3rd on PLS F35 10 mile club records )

Re: May Results

parkrun round-up 31/5/14

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

Martin SWENSSON 00:16:34
Jonathan TOFT 00:19:22
Ian RUSSELL 00:19:50
Andrew LESLIE 00:20:27
Paul BRADY 00:21:13
Richard THORPE 00:21:26
Trevor ASTELL 00:21:54
David LYNAN 00:21:57
Gregory HOCKING 00:22:21
Lucie MICHAELSON 00:22:56
Joe MCGLYNN 00:23:09
Mark THOMAS 00:23:13
Michael O'ROURKE 00:23:42
Bill SERGESON 00:23:48
Tommy GATES 00:24:17
Ronald BOWCOCK 00:24:30
Catherine Elizabeth NEVIN 00:24:31
Mike WELSBY 00:25:06
Sam DARBY 00:26:45
Colin MONEYPENNY 00:29:28
Rachel RICK 00:30:26
Joanne SUTHERLAND 00:31:14
Anne OXBROUGH 00:31:29
Samantha KENNY 00:31:29

Delamere parkrun

Stephen John PEMBERTON 00:21:51

Mitchelton parkrun

Tony HEWITSON 00:28:55

Workington parkrun

David CAIN 00:20:20

Re: May Results

28th May
Harrock Hill 1

12 Neil Bullock 37:19
53 Ian Russell 42:48
96 Steve Pemberton 47:26

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