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Re: Re: Re: Thillana Help Please

There are tillanAs in this raga by Ravikiran, S.Rajeshvari and V.Subramaniam for which I don't have the lyrics but I could not match the caraNa with any of the 350 odd tillAnas that I have.
Is the audio of this available somewhere? any other info would be useful in locating it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Thillana Help Please

There is an audio for this song on casette which I don't know the name of. The person who gave me the little clip of the caranam, won't let me record the rest of the song hence why i'm trying to find it myself.

I'll try to record the clip i've got and send you the link to listen to it.

Hope that will help.
Again Thanks,

Re: Re: Re: Thillana Help Please

There are tillAnAs by Chitravina Ravikiran, S.Rajeshvari and V.Subramaniam but I don't have the lyrics for these.
I tried to match the words you have given with the texts of some 350 odd tillAnAs that I have but without success.
Do you have a recording of this and is the audio available somewhere on the net?
Any other information would help to locate the lyrics.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Thillana Help Please


I have managed to get the two clips i have from the song onto a file. I will email you the files but you might have to add me to your contacts list since hotmail will send me to you junk folder.

More than the lyrics, I'm looking for a cd or tape from the artist itself that i may purchase. plus the meaning of the caranam.

Please let me know if this is ok.