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Re: hi can i get the meaning of following pada varnam

cendil nagar mEvum dEvA - O Lord who resides in Tiruchendur,
shivabAlA - O son of Shiva,
nI cintai irangi - you please have mercy in your heart,
ennai Ala vA vElavA - and come to make me your slave
vA - come!

A: enda vELaiyum - At all times,
unnai anri vErOr eNNamuNDO - is there any thought apart from you ( in my heart) ?
endan uLLam nI ariyAyO - Don't you know my heart?
En inda mAyam - Why this pretence?

tirumAl marugA - O nephew of Vishnu!
idu taghumO - Does this befit you?
dharmAm tAnO - Is it fair?
varAdirundiDa varmam EnO - Is there something you hold against me , as the reason for not coming?
kanindu vandiDAviDil - If you do not soften and come,
yAn en sheiguvEn - what will I do?
Edum pughaliDam ariyEn - I know of no (other) refuge.
ivviLam pEdai - (Come such that) this young innocent maiden
oru kaNamenum marandariyA - who does not forget you even for a second,
magizha - rejoices.
kuru naghaiyoDu karuNai pozhiya vA - Come with a pleasant smile and compassion exuding
muzhu mati mukhamadil - from your full-moon-like face.
aruLE taruga vA - Come to grant your grace!

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